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Sea Wees are little mermaid dolls that were made to play
with in the bathtub. Each set included a mother with long,
comeable hair, a baby mermaid, and a foam rubber sponge
that they could float in. Later a pet was added and different
varieties appeared, such as TropiGals who each wear a hula skirt,
and IcyGals who wore winter clothes and came with an ice burg sponge.

Here are 2 sets of Sea Wees that I own. On the left are Icy Gals
Frosty, Baby Flo and Penny Penguin and right are Tropigals Flora,
Baby Finella and Dubloon Dog (and Baby Bubbles from another set)
By the way, those are My Little Pony Sea Pony Shells, they did
not come with Sea Wees. They're great for displaying them though!


~Some Cool Sea Wees Websites~

Sea Wees Lagoon

Sea Wees


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