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Rose Petal Place is a beautiful garden and home to
Rose Petal and her friends who came to life when they
were touched by a little girl's tears. She cried when she
had to move away and leave her lovely flowers. Rose Petal
loves to sing, in the cartoon she was voiced by Marie Osmond.
Each of Rose Petal's friends is a different flower and has
her own special talent or interest. Rose Petal is the music lover,
Orchid is the stylish, fashion plate, Lily Fair is a dreamer
and a dancer, Iris is an artist, Daffodil is business minded
and always carries around a calculator, and Sunny Sunflower
loves to laugh and talk and brings sunshine wherever
she goes. Their other friends include a hedgehog named
Tumbles and Elmer the Elm tree. Their enemies are
Nastina the Spider and her henchman, Horace the Fly.

Here is my set of Rose Petal Dolls:

~Some Cool Rose Petal Place Websites~

Rose Petal Place
*Check this out! Follow the 1985 catalogue link to see
Rose Petal dolls that were never released!*

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